Tuesday, May 25

Week 3 Day 2


Here is something for Tifani:
This is a link, please watch: Engraving like lines like Hundley piece

Here is a video teaser for the perspective thing people are talking about. There are books in our library here on perspective. A pretty good one called "Perspective for comic artists" I think that is what it's called.

Monday, May 24

Week 3, Day 1

My post titles probably don't make sense.
Anyway, this is the third week of class. Which means that at the end of this week you should have completed through your second original work. I have posted some grades in Blackboard to help you keep track of where you are in that process. It is great that some of you are ahead of schedule. Those who are behind schedule should put in some extra hours. Or maybe just post on your blog your progress so that I don't worry about you so much.
Please make sure that you take time to watch the recorded lectures that I post on this blog.
This is a link, please watch:
halftones relaxed

This is my interpretation of my comments for M.Ferris. The front hand of course would need real line-work to look good again.

This is a link, please watch:applying colors to line drawings with mask

Thursday, May 20

Week 2, Day 7


It took some time to work up this example, but I think it is important to see.
I wanted to show that Photoshop paintings don't have to be slick. They can have rich textures that look a lot like they were done with a real brush.

This is a link, please watch:
texture through brushes in photoshop painting

This is a link, please watch:
texturizer in photoshop painting

Monday, May 17

Week 2, Day 5

Video Lectures:
Using Fetch FTP to upload files to an online server
explanation of layers in robo demo shown below

Plus, here is my quick example of the suggestions I was talking about on Mike Blake's blog:

Wednesday, May 12

Day 3

Hello All,
Some great work from many of you.
Here are some new recordings in response to Mike Blake's questions:

saturation adjustment layer and mask

texture grain

using masks for woodcuts etc...

I intend to do one for Mike Ferris on random texture as well.
I will look into giving you all access to all of last year's recordings to help locate things like Jake Gorman mentioned with blending. Please let me know how you like the newer style recordings as opposed to the older Adobe Connect method.

As always watch for new comments on each other's blogs.


Tuesday, May 11

Dig Studio Day 2

Hello All,

I am trying out a new recording tool.
You can view a recorded lecture on using the blob brush in Illustrator CS4 here:
blob brush
You will need to use the password: digstudio

I have commented on several blogs today. Be sure to read eachother's blogs
the singing ninja?

Monday, May 10

Digital Studio Techniques Day 1


If you have made it here you probably know what is going on. There is a blog list on the right here that shows the blogs that I know of for our class members in Digital Studio Techniques. I am still missing four of our members. Please get me your blog. You are required to participate as a community. Read each other's blogs and post comments, suggestions, critiques. Other than Blackboard and the official announcements this is where I class happens.

Please notice the Delicious Tag roll on the side bar as well. I will post a link to a video recording on how to get that done. If you think you know how to do stuff just go to http://delicious.com/ and sign up. Once you have a delicious account you will log in and go to Settings/Blogging - Tagroll/(copy the script from the window) go to your blog click on Settings/Layout/Edit Layout/Add a gadget/HTML-Javascript/Now paste the code you copied from delicious into the field. And voila! you should now have a tagroll on your blog. Delicious is totally cool and really helps other people follow your web research. You can use it as a tool to find highly recommended art and design pages too from other people that are interested in the same things that you are.