Monday, May 30

Pattern Design

I have been working on designing some patterns.

Tuesday, May 24

Vector Drawing Plus Textures

Several of you have expressed interest in vector art posters. Please consider the following technique where you add a paper texture to the vectors through Photoshop. A recording in blackboard shows this and some strategies for vector drawing at the same time.

Coke Can Rendering

Here is my version of a metallic can rendering. See Marie's Blog for the original.
3 process recordings are on Blackboard.

Motorcross 2

Here is another motorcross experiment. See Michael's blog for what he is working on. I have a recording for this on Blackboard.

Linear Photoshop Rays

I have a recording posted in Blackboard that shows how to make these kinds of "sunbursts" and lines in Photoshop

Monday, May 23

Photo Collage Experiment

I did this image as a test. You can see all of the photos I used below. See Cassie's blog for things that she is working on.

Friday, May 20

Alternate for Cassie

This image is a slight adjustment for Cassie, see her blog. I did another layer of the girl on top with overlay blending mode and adjusted the background lighter and less saturated.

Thursday, May 19

Illustrator Bevel Line Technique

I have a recording for this process on BB. This will work for Marie's Dino copy.

Fixed Recordings plus Smoke & Light Recordings

Be sure to go to Blackboard Announcements for recordings on these image processes.

Wednesday, May 18

Alex Light & Smoke Tests

I was trying some tests today on Smoke and Light trails. See Alex's blog.

Kim Tempt Fate

Here is my version of the copy that Kim is working on. See the Tempt Fate Lectures for Kim on Blackboard. Please be sure that you are watching recordings that I do for other people that is how you will learn tons in this course. See Kim's blog for the original image.

Tuesday, May 17

Completed Mule

Here is the completed mule. It is all vectors so it can be easily scaled.

Monday, May 16

Lecture for Michael

Be sure to check out recordings in Blackboard that I did to show Micheal how this is done:

Photo techniques for Britney and Cassie

Check Blackboard announcements for two recordings for Cassie on this Photoshop Technique.

And a process for getting textures and photos together for Britney.

Saturday, May 14

Script Drawing Progress

Here you can see the first steps in my process to do a "scripty" drawing. I had the original unicorn decorative drawing in Photoshop. I researched some mule images and had them open as well. I drew a new mule head that would fit the pose I am working with. I redrew it again over the top of the unicorn in another layer and color. Then exported the whole thing to Illustrator. In Illustrator I am just doing a default 1pt line and the vector pen tool. Once I have all of the new paths mapped out I will cut them up and apply the different art brushes. Watch the recordings that are posted in Blackboard for more details.

Wednesday, May 11

Illustrator Script Brush

Here is a screenshot of the shapes I ended up creating to make a series of brushes used in the spiral and my copy of the script ornament.

Calligraphic Designs


During the course I will be working on stuff of my own as an example. My wife has shown a great interest in calligraphic designs and I am interested in how to make them digitally. Here is a link to a good example of what I am thinking about:
Dover Books
and here are some images from the site:

Tuesday, May 10

Image Research

Time to research!
Find some images that you want to work with and link to them in a post on your blog. Please visit the Behance Network site for contemporary professional work:
Here you will find high resolution images of illustrations, free account required.
Make sure you are checking Blackboard announcements as well.

Monday, May 9

Welcome Digital Studio Summer 2011

Hello Class,

This will be my blog for communicating with the class.
Please post your URL to your blog in a comment attached to this post. I will post your links in my sidebar.

Be sure to still check Blackboard announcements for official class stuff and links to the tutorial recordings that I will be posting.