Friday, June 17

Thanks for a great class

I hope to be able to continue to see great work on your blogs. I will move your blog links to the archive list. You can keep checking this blog as a way to link to other students past and present.

Monday, June 13

Snow Thing

Tried the snow thing that Cassie was looking at. I am not sure that I am impressed by it. You need to do multiple layers of dots at different sizes and blur them separately to produce depth. The figure is simply desaturated. Some blurred color layers help add lightening through screen blending mode and color behind the masked figure for color gradation.

Grainy Vectors, Pattern Skin, Blurry Road

Here are a few images that go with the recordings that I am posting today on Blackboard.
The Grainy Vector Monkey is a great technique that turns ordinary vectors into cool retro lithographic texture looking things. The Pattern skin is pretty easy, you just have to figure out multiple masks. The blurry road angel guy is several techniques together.
Be sure to check out the recordings.

Friday, June 10

Vectors from Photos

New recording on blackboard that shows making vector images from photos.
See Kim's Coke Blog posts.

Wednesday, June 8

Digital Skin

See Cassie's Blog for a project she is working on with this disintegrated skin technique.
See Blackboard for technique recording.

Tuesday, June 7

Several for Shelby

Trying to cram projects is hard on me too.
See Blackboard for recordings on these techniques.

Michael's Whitehouse

Post Apocalyptic WhiteHouse. Same kind of Photo Collage techniques as before, some new. See Blackboard for access to recording.

Alex's vector image

See Blackboard for process recording. Project is on Alex's Blog.

Monday, June 6

Cast Shadows Rough

This image shows some slight adjustments that I made for Cassie's image. Please see her blog. I added cast shadows on the figue and the tree. See Blackboard for a recording where I show the process. I also, post recording, did a blur of a copy of the image and then put a gradient mask on the blur so that it blended gradually with a sharp original layer. Adding the figure to that mask keeps the upper part of the figure in the clear foreground.

Saturday, June 4

Cut Limb Trick

This poor woman is certainly getting a lot of abuse.
See Cassie's blog for what she is working on.
I have posted a recording on Blackboard for how to get this image done.

Friday, June 3

Photo Mixing Surreal

Check Blackboard for a recording on simple image compositing.

Clear Splash Type

See Kim's blog and Blackboard for information and a recording on how to do this clear dimensional type thing.

Wednesday, June 1

Textured Robot Vector Plus Gradients

Trying out some of the techniques used in an image that Alex found; see his blog.

Start in Illustrator and then take to Photoshop.
Bring over separate layers. Most come over as pixels, a few pasted as paths for stroking in Photoshop.