Tuesday, June 30

Illustrator multiples and Photoshop Masks

I did a little demo today on using Illustrator to create 3D block text and multiple step and repeat lines. Next I copied those paths into Photoshop and used them to get selections for fills and for masks. This is in response to a project that Dustin is doing check out his blog. Also see the recorded demo on June 30th announcements in Blackboard.

Hard Edged or Photo Rendering

I did a demo today, 46 minutes long, too long. I took the same area of the master study that Ryan had on his blog and used a technique where you create paths in Illustrator, import the paths in the paths area of Photoshop and then use them to make selections and to stroke with brushes. This way you can have precise control over your brushes and brush work. Check out the link to the recorded lecture in Blackboard.

Monday, June 29

Marker Tests 1

Here in the following 2 images I did some tests in Photoshop trying to replicate the look of hand-done marker rendering. Karman is looking at using this piece as a study. You can see the demo I recorded to make these in the announcements. Look in blackboard announcements: Mon, Jun 29, 2009 -- Permanent -- Day 5 Lectures - summary: karman_marker_1 (26min).

Wednesday, June 24

Illustrator Line Work

I did lectures today on using Illustrator brushes to do line work. I am using as a masterwork a Poison Ivy sketch by Bruce Timm that I got off of Heritage Auctions. I went over the different brush tools including the vector pen, calligraphic brush, art brush, and the blob brush. The blob brush is by far the easiest to use if you have a wacom tablet and pen. If you don't have those I would recommend working with custom art brushes.

Here is the original image:

Here is the copy that I made in Illustrator:

Monday, June 22

First Post

This is my first post on this blog.